Babruisk: photo art under supervision of ideologists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 September a photo exhibition is planned in the city park of Babruisk. This is an event for the photo amateurs who attach their works to ropes with clothes-pegs, and other photographers or passers-by can take the photos they like. Such exhibitions are held in many Russian and Belarusian cities. There are no limitations, the only demand of the author of these exhibitions Andrei Kezin is to restrict the view of photo erotics for children.

The genre is free”, is stated in the appeal of the organizer, the local photo artist Katsiaryna Sahinadze-Kakotava, who conducts the photo exhibition together with the ideology department of the city executive committee. Babruisk citizens are also advised against taking erotic works with them, as far as the exhibition will be attended by under-age spectators.

At the same time, the vkontakte community also contains some more points, which pose additional limitations to the photo artists. Side by side with the prohibition of pornography and the photos which propagate Nazism, racism and extremism, there is prohibition of “works of oppositional nature”. What is meant by it is unclear, but it will probably incline the authors to self-censorship.