Newspaper “Shakhtsior” ignores the appeal of Viktar Malochka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

On 22 July the Salihorsk member of the United Civil Party Viktar Malochka filed to the editorial office of the “Shakhtsior” newspaper an appeal in which he asked it to publish information about daily issues in the city. However, he hasn't received any answer. No articles have been published either.

“First of all, in his address, I talked about the constitutional right to health care. In particular, the need to build a new clinic in Salihorsk. There is also the problem of the effectiveness of spending in the reconstruction of Bahamolau Street”, said Viktar Malochka. “Unfortunately, I have received no response to my letter. Besides, there were published no articles on the issues, raised by me.

The activist believes that by its inaction the editorial office of the official edition at least violated the law “On Applications of Citizens”. Mr. Malochka intends to file an appropriate appeal to the prosecutor's office on this occasion.