Website Blocked in Belarus

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Radio Svaboda reported that the website, hosted in Germany, used to be accessible in Belarus. However, it is freely opening abroad, but in Belarus can be accessed only via proxy servers.

The writer knows that the problem exists: “It has lasted for more than a week. First I thought it was a timely technical error. I asked the responsible person to check it out. In nine countries people responded that everything was fine. So it turned out that only in Belarus it was blocked. Thanks God, it is accessible all over the world.

The website is in two languages (Russian and English). So I don’t understand why it all happens. Maybe somebody wants to annoy me before the prize award. It is just some folly.

Svitalana Alexievich is a famous Belarusian writer, author of books about Chernobyl, WW II, the Afghan War etc., winner of many literary awards. Recently she has won German literary prize for promoting peace. By the way in one of her recent interviews she spoke critically of the Belarusian language which provoked an angry discussion on the Internet.