Radio Svaboda Journalist Denied Accreditation for Belaruskali Press-Conference

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Today the Salihorsk office of the largest Belarusian company Belaruskali holds a press-conference; Radio Svaboda failed to get accreditation for the event.

Belaruskali, one of the major exporting companies in Belarus, has recently split up business relations with the Russian concern Uralkali. From then on, a slope in prices for potassium chloride has been observed, which influences not only the company itself, but the Belarusian budget in general. The main consumers of the Belarusian products in China and India demand significant decrease in prices for already signed contracts.

Last Friday a correspondent of the Radio Svaboda phoned to the HR and ideology manager of Belaruskali Anatol Makhlay; the latter responded he needed to get approval from the director general Valery Kiryjenka. The director general declined the request.