Klimavichy authorities ban picket of solidarity with political prisoners

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Aliaksandr Balobin

Aliaksandr Balobin

Aliaksandr Balobin, civil society activist from Klimavichy district (Homel region), received a reply from local executive committee to his application for holding a picket of solidarity with the country’s political prisoners.

The official reply signed by deputy chair of the executive committee, A. Lamanau, says that the officials have considered the activist’s application asking for permission to stage a picket on the town’s central market on 23 August.

“The Central Market is in private ownership. For action of a written response to your appeal you need to get written permission from the director of the private unitary enterprise "Klimavichy central market" A.M. Davydau to hold a mass event," says the deputy chairman of the executive committee.

A. Lamanau also writes that in case of disagreement with the decision the activists can appeal against it to the Court of Klimavichy district.

According to Aliaksandr Balobin, the executive committee sent a runaround reply in order to gain time, and the local authorities are not going to allow a picket of solidarity with political prisoners.

"We have not decided what we will do next," said Mr. Balobin.