UCP leader faces administrative charges

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Anatol Liabedzka, leader of the United Civil Party, and his associate from Babruisk Viktar Buzinayeu face charges of illegal distribution of the newsletter "Voice of Reason", Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarus service reports.

The politicians were detained near the entrance to the "Belshina" enterprise, where for an hour they were handing out a newsletter called "Voice of Reason", featuring articles about criminal privatization and corruption in Belarus. They managed to distribute more than a thousand copies, and the police confiscated 305 newsletters. However, the output of the newsletter says the circulation is 295 copies. That's what caught the attention of the police, who accused Liabedzka and Buzinayeu of distributing printed materials with invalid output.

The police were also interested in the way the publication had arrived in Babruisk, where it was produced and distributed.

"Our detention is a reaction to this form of work with people. The government is especially concerned about the issues of corruption and criminal privatization, covered by the newsletter. "Voice of Reason" is not registered as mass media but published by UCP supporters, and we use it,” said Anatol Liabedzka.

The politicians face a fine of up to fifty base units, 5 million rubles.