Homel Regional Court defies constitutional rights of citizens

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Judges of the Homel Regional Court, Eleanora Buyankova, Alena Krauchanka and Aliaksandr Khomich, put an end to the dispute between the chairman of the Homel regional office of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World", Uladzimir Siakerka, and border guards who took him off the train referring to the need for “identifying the citizens put on the lists on behalf of law enforcement agencies”, gomelspring.org reports.

The Judicial Board’s decision legalized the ruling of Judge Yury Valashynenka of Homel Savetski District Court who refused to provide information relating to the rights and legitimate interests of the local Fair World leader. In fact, the Judges of the Regional Court defied the constitutional guarantees to receiving information affecting the rights and interests of every Belarusian.

Having exhausted all domestic remedies, the leftist leader plans to appeal the violation to the UN Human Rights Committee. Uladzimir Siakerka believes it is essential to gather information and seek a logical end for each fact when the judicial system ignores its main responsibility, namely making decisions based primarily on the Constitution.

Decisions of Judges Alena Krauchanka and Aliaksandr Khomich of the Judicial Board of the Homel Regional Court earlier were the subject of consideration by the UN Human Rights Committee. International experts have come to a conclusion about the illegality of a ruling passed by Judge Alena Krauchanka on the dissolution of the Homel regional public association “Civil Initiatives”. Apart from that, the UN Committee recognized as illegal the ruling of Judge Aliaksandr Khomich (then of Chyhunachny District Court of Homel) on the seizure of computers from the Homel regional public association "Civil Initiatives".