Bialynichy: administrative case against Valery Vusik to be re-considered

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Valery Vusik, a social activist from the village of Lebiadziank in the Bialynichy district, received a summons to the Bialynichy District Court as a defendant in the administrative case. The hearing will start at 11 a.m. on 16 August.

Valery Vusik says that after receiving the summons on 15 August he phoned to the Bialynichy District Court and asked to postponed the trial to another day
after 22 August.

I found that the case in which I am accused of an administrative offense will be reconsidered by Judge of the Bialynichy District Court Aksana Zahorskaya and asked her to postpone the trial to a date after 22 August”, said Valery Vusik. “The matter is that my counsel, Natallia Miatselita, will be busy working on other cases until this date, and I would like to use her services during the consideration of my case. The judge answered that I was to come to the court on 16 August and file an appropriate petition. I hope the petition would be granted,” commented the activist.

The editor of the newspaper “Mahiliouski Vybar” Barys Vyrvich has also received a summons to the hearing on 16 August, as a witness in the case.
Agenda that the district court Belynichi calls him as a witness in an administrative case the antennae to 11-00 on August 16 on Monday received and publisher of the newspaper, "Mogilev Choice" Boris Vyrvich.

"I hope the court will
postpone the hearings to a later date”, says the human rights defender Barys Bukhel. “There are all reasons for it, as far as the counsel won't be able to take part in the trial otherwise. We would also like to file a petition to summon as a witness the policeman who check-up the facts of violations in the activities of the “Lebiadzianka” enterprise, stated in Valery Vusik's article in the newspaper “Mahiliouski Vybar”.”

Bear in mind that on 29 March 2013 the head of the Bialynichy District Court Uladzimir Huz sentenced Valery Vusik to a fine of 3 million rubles
for alleged libel against the head of the “Lebiadzianka” farm Piatro Bialou, and a fine of 2 million rubles – for a violation of Article 17 of the Law “On Mass Media” during the distribution of the newspaper “Mahiliouski Vybar”.

On 25 April Pavel Klimau, Judge of the Mahiliou Regional Court, consider the appeal and left the verdict of the Bialynichy District Court unchanged. On 1 August the head of the Mahiliou Regional Court Ihar Prashko reversed the both verdicts and sent the case for a new consideration by another judge of the Bialynichy District Court.