“Paperwork in Belarusian!” launches a campaign for an extensive use of the Belarusian language in lawsuits

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As a part of the nationwide campaign "Let's do better!", the Civil Initiative "Paperwork in Belarusian!" launched a campaign to extend the use of the Belarusian language in civil court proceedings.

As stated by the founder of the initiative "Paperwork in Belarusian!" Ihar Sluchak, its activists decided to prepare some 40-50 sample claims to courts within the next months and upload them to some websites and social network for free usage.

"Every year Belarusian citizens file about two millions of civil claims to the Belarusian courts served about two million civil lawsuits, many of which are of a technical nature and don't require a great juridical knowledge. Previously, we received some criticism that we just offered to expand the use of the Belarusian language in the paper work but didn't create any Belarusian products, that's why we decided to close this gap in our work," said the founder of the initiative.

Mr. Sluchak lists the positive aspects of such a company. For example, the psychological aspect is that when people see that the documents can be composed in a good legal language, they lose the complex that the Belarusian language can not be used in the official business sector. Secondly, many lawsuits which are filed in Belarus are of a purely technical nature, and anyone can compose them if following our examples, even in the absence of juridical education. with an example of making such a claim, can send e-mail without having special legal education. This is a direct benefit, because in such a case the people do not need to use the services of specialists and pay for it.

The activist is sure that the examples of the lawsuits in the Belarusian language will be in demand, and will be filled mostly in Belarusian as they are composed in it.

The sample lawsuits are accessible on the following links: http://vk.com/belisk and http://spravavodstva.ucoz.com/load

The activists also intend to create a special website for them.

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