Babruisk: Viachaslau Sheleh got assaulted by a man who introduced himself as police major

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 8 August the activist of the Belarusian Christian DemocracyViachaslau Sheleh went to the Police Department of the Babruisk City Executive Committee in order to take his wife for an interrogation at the Investigation Committee in connection with the recent kidnapping of their daughter Natallila.

“My wife, Maryia is a disabled, and it is hard for her to walk, that's why I started looking for a special parking near the entrance of the police department, but there wasn't any such parking there. Since it was evening and the police parking was empty, I decided to park there, closer to the entrance. As soon as I did it, a man in beach closes ran towards us. He was dressed in shorts, slippers and a T-shirts. He started banging on the car and on the glass with his fists, looking inadequate and shouting "Who are you?" I went out of the car, and he started twisting my arms, pushing, grasping at my clothes and telling he was a police major,” said Viachaslau Sheleh.

The offender showed Mr. Sheleh his ID, but so quickly that the latter didn't manage to make out whether it was a police ID or not. Later that man introduced himself as police major Andrei Barysenka. Viachaslau Sheleh proposed the offender to come to the building of the police department and solve the conflict according to the law, but the latter refused, insisting that the activist took away his car.

“I said I wouldn't do it before my wife returns from the interrogation. They called the road police and drew a violation report on me, but I didn't deny having violated the rules. If there had been a special parking for the disabled at the entrance of the police department, I wouldn't have done it. By the way, that man hid himself in the building of the police department and didn't go out. I immediately drove away to register the beating. Today I filed an appropriate statement and received direction to a forensic examination, says the activist.

What concerns the investigation into the case of the kidnapping of his daughter, Natallia Sheleh, officers of the Investigation Committee cannot say anything anything concrete so far. The interrogations of the girl's relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances continue.