Yaraslau Bernikovich applied for work at police “too late”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Seeing an announcement about a vacancy in the police in the local newspaper “Volnaye Hlybokaye”, the local oppositionist filed a written statement of employment as a senior police inspector of information systems. Two days later he received a refusal.

The official reason for the denial is that "another other person submitted an application earlier". This is the explanation offered by the head of the ideological department of the Hlybokaye District Police Department.

"They phoned me and said that they had employed another candidate who applied for the job earlier than me. Moreover, it was pointed out that it was "the only reason”. I didn't hope for the employment at the police too much, but it was quite interesting whether they would employ an oppositionist with an appropriate education and what reasons they could provide for a refusal," commented Mr. Bernikovich.

Yaraslau Bernikovich has a diploma in the specialty "politico-legal activity”. He is a well-known regional opposition activist, who regularly participates in election campaigns. During the last election campaign he left the Belarusian Popular Front, a member of which he had been for quite a long time, as he didn't share the position of the party concerning the participation in the election. He is an activist of the civil initiative “Tell the Truth” and the founder of the private publishing and advertising enterprise “Prefect-info”.