Another conflict between Salihorsk residents and local authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The construction of a large parking lot near the building of the large shopping center “Budmarket” in Zaslonau Street caused a strong discontent on the part of young parents who live in a dormitory nearby. The Salihorskers fear for the safety and health of their children.

Last year the shopping center underwent expansion. As a result, the owners got the need to extend the parking lot. With the permission of the local authorities, it was decided to do it at the expense of the adjoining green area in the immediate vicinity of the playground of the dormitory of the "Kalinka" factory. As a result, the parking lot will be separated from the playground only by 1,5 meter sidewalks,whereas the building standards require 15 meters in such cases.

It is virtually impossible to guarantee the safety and secure the health of the children from exhaust gases in such conditions. To remedy the situation, the residents of dormitory applied to the administration of “Kalinka”, the Salihorsk City Executive Committee and even to the President's Administration. However, the authorities ignored their addresses.

An activist of the Salihorsk initiative “Le'ts Protect Forests” Uladzimir Shyla says that the worst of all variants was chosen in this case. “The authorities could have transferred either the parking or the playground, but decided to leave everything in one place, ignoring the building norms and standards of common sense.