“Tell the Truth” demands that police wear uniform: “At least, you know you won't be killed”

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During the Monday press-conference in Minsk the social activists read their address to the Chamber of Representatives, the Council of Ministers and the head of the public council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs Henadz Davydzka.

Pavel Vinahradau, a leader of the youth wing of “Tell the Truth”, “Zmena”, stated the following: “It makes little difference personally for me! But I look at the situation from the viewpoint of an ordinary man, irrespective of his being an activist he will at least feel fear.

And it's stressful for him: some strange people grab him and push into a car. And if you see that these are policemen, then you can expect them to act within the law, whereas bandits will not do it. At least, you know you won't be killed."

However, the oppositionists have little hope that the MPs and the Council of Ministers will react to their demands.