No public discussion will be held in Babruisk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The residents of the houses in Chapayev Street applied to various state institutions in order to prove their right to the playground, a half of which,including several trees.

“Athwart the legal requirements, the construction of the grocery store wasn't discussed with the people, as it was stated in the first collective appeal and in each of my personal addresses to the state officials. It's quite indicative that at first they answered nothing anboout the public discussion, ignoring the matter and writing that the question of the construction was agreed with the executive committee. Only when I applied to the Presidential Administration and my appeal was forwarded to the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee, I received an answer,” says Ala Shpakova, a resident of house No. 72b.

In a letter signed by first deputy head of the executive committee, Anatol Chorny, it is stated that teh construction of the grocery store was planned in the space between the houses and was approved by the executive committee. The open company “Belgravia” was given the right to lease this space as early as in the last autumn.

“The local dwellers thought that the site was meant fot their recreation, but were wrong. We will try to find out when the space near the houses was assigned the status of leasable space, and where are the borders of this space, as far as Anatol Chorny wrote that “the yard space wasn't violated by the building site. Pitifully enough, judging by this official paper, we can hardly expect any public discussion,” comments the Babruisk resident.

The official says that under paragraph 5 of the Regulation "On the procedure of public discussion of architectural, urban planning and construction activities”, public discussions aren't held if the construction projects are approved. “However, in this case the customer and the contractor shall put information about the building in a place, available for viewing by the public,
which wasn't done,” reads the letter.

Anatol Chorny agrees that the absence of the passport of the construction is a violation. however, as far as the shop is still being built, it is most probably considered as an insignificant one. We were "comforted" that the city executive committee was charged with the control over the implementation of the legal requirements, but it won't return us our ground,” says Ala Shpakova. “It's a great pity that the opinion of the inhabitants is of no interest to anyone and is never taken into account”.