Barysau: human rights defender didn't manage to find about the location of priest Uladzislau Lazar

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Maryna Statkevich

Maryna Statkevich

A month ago the Barysau society was astonished by the news about the arrest of reverend Uladzislau Lazar, rector of the local parish of Holy Spirit, and his placement in the remand prison of the KGB. Human rights defender Maryna Statkevich unsuccessfully tried to find out where he was kept, in order to pass him the necessary things.

The KGB and the local priests refrain from comments on this topic.

"Now there are many talks about the 29-year-old programmer Edward Snowden who told reporters about secret programs of the U.S. National Security Agency in overseeing the foreigners through the Internet and mobile communications. Here it is clear – he had access to restricted information. I'm wondering what kind of sensitive information a priest can have? I wouldn't like to be ironic on the matter, as far as he is more than likely to be kept in the KGB prison now, and even the fact of being kept in such places is concerned by human rights defenders as torture. I don't believe that the authorities will give a clear answer to it... We are living amidst terrible lies, and that there is no end in sight ... ", commented Maryna Statkevich, an active parishioner of the Barysau church of Nativity of the Virgin Mary.