Commemoration of Mikhail Valovich went under police surveillance

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The traditional annual commemoration of a leader of the uprising of 1830-1831 against the Russian Empire, Michail Valovich, and his associates, took place in the village of Parechcha of the Slonim district.

During the celebration, a new memorial plate was put on the old memorial plate to Valovich and his fellow rebels.

During the whole event the people were watched by a white "Volkswagen" with the number plate 4421AT-4. The people in mufti who sat in it shot on the camera all the activities and their participants. The people did not come out of the car, but tracked everybody from beginning to end. However, the event took place without any incidents. Last year, the event was watched by a "Lada" with the numbers 5536 IA-4.