Homel leftists are banned to picket due to... rehearsals of dance ensembles

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The bans on mass events in Homel are getting more absurd (if the scale of absurdity can be measured). In particular, representatives of the Belarusian Leftist Party intended to hold a picket on 6 August in the only place, officially determined for such events – the ground near the Culture House of the Association of the Deaf “Vipro”.

Having a steady experience of filing applications for picketing, the head of the regional organization of the “Fair World”, Uladzimir Siakerka, entered into paid service contracts with the appropriate services (at least with the public utilities and medics) in advance.

However, the deputy head of the executive committee Aksana Rudzianok answered Homel leftists that “according to the working schedule of the organization of the “Sozh Roundelay”, a rehearsal of the dance ensembles which would take part near the Culture House “Vipro” on 6 August, that's why it was impossible to authorize the picket.

It's worth noting that the festival “Sozh Roundelay” will be held as late as 14-15 Septeber, that's why it looks quite strange that rehearsals for it should be held in a month's advance in a desolate place.

“The action isn't even composed as a ruling of the executive committee, as required by the legislation. They just wrote they cannot give their consent to it. Usually the local authorities decide whether to allow or ban an event. The state must guarantee the realization of civil rights, not create obstacles to it. That's why the officials could propose to transfer the picket to another time or place, or transfer the mythic rehearsal,” commented Mr. Siakerka.

The activist intends to appeal the refusal to “give consent” at court. Bear in mind that no street actions of the opposition have been authorized in Homel since 2004.