“Bialiatski's Case” to be presented in Moscow

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Book "Bialiatski's Case". Photo by Radio "Liberty"

Book "Bialiatski's Case". Photo by Radio "Liberty"

On 4 August, the second anniversary of the arrest of human rights defender Ales Bialiatski, actions in his support will take place in many countries of the world within the framework of the International Day of Solidarity with Belarusian civil society.

On 4 August The public discussion “Will Russia become Belarus?” will take place at the design factory “Flacon”, as well as the opening of the photo exhibition “Solidarity Is Stronger than Repression”.

The member of the human rights council under the President of Russia, Head of the International Observation Mission for Human Rights in Belarus Andrey Yurov, the leading researcher of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies “Higher school of economics” Andrey Suzdaltsev, the head of the independent research Center "Freedom Fails" Olga Zakharova, a journalist of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, author of the documentary book "Bialiatski's Case" Valery Kalinouski and the President of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Yury Jibladze will take place in the discussion.

The Moscow presentation of the book will take place within the framework of the round table.

Another action of solidarity will start at 3 p.m. near the monument to Andrei Platonov in Voronezh. According to one of the organizers, Anna Dobrovolskaya, a photo session with quotations from well-known writers, philosophers and social activists about mutual support in the society, will take place near the monument. All photos will be used for a large campaign, as far as such actions will take place not only in Voronezh, but also in many cities in Russia and abroad.

At 7 p.m. all those who want to express solidarity with the civil society in Belarus can visit a cultural event at the book club “Petrovsky”, which will include cartoons about Belarus, poetry reading in the Belarusian language and a discussion with the participation of Belarusian human rights defenders.

"Belarus is a country in the heart of Europe and at the same time – the only one of the continent's states where the death penalty is still used and the European Convention on Human Rights is not implemented. On the other hand, the civil society of Belarus is one of the strongest in the post-Soviet space. Belarusian human rights activists provide legal support to dozens of people everyday. Film directors, artists, writers and musicians continue their creative activities. The Belarusian band “Lyapis Trubetskoy is world-known for its signs and and public position despite the fact that at home they are included in the "black list" of prohibited artists.

We – civil society activists, human rights defenders and just caring people – believe it is important to express our support to Belarusian civil society, whose members continue to promote and protect human rights standards and the rule of law, to propose new ideas and initiatives to help people meet, talk, write and create,” say the organizers of the round table.

Solidarity actions will also take place in the U.S., UK, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This was stated to Radio “Liberty” by the project coordinator, Lada Burdachova.