"Volny Horad" accused of libel again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of mobile mechanized column № 280 filed another lawsuit with the Court of Krychau district to once again accuse the newspaper "Volny Horad" of discrediting and undermining the company's reputation.

The charges stemmed from an article "We’ll Wait with a Contradiction," signed by Hanna Vladava, which was published in the newspaper on June 29.

According to the plaintiffs, the information claiming that the company’s managers failed to properly sign labor contracts with workers Baihal and Koneu, who witnessed in court in the previous case, does not correspond to reality. MMC-280 asks the court to find the published information as false and to oblige the publisher Uladzimir Kudrautsau and editor Siarhei Niarouny to publish a rebuttal.

The plaintiffs even provided the text they want to be published in the newspaper.

Meanwhile, in the article only says what the witnesses themselves said in court, which was heard by those present in the courtroom.

According to Siarhei Niarouny, another lawsuit by the state-owned enterprise is initiated by local ideologues and district executive committee officials.

"As far as we know, the critical articles in "Volny Horad" make the executive committee chairman Mikalai Kadatsenka very nervous, as well as local ideology officials. According to our data, they are now in certain euphoria after on June 17 Krychau district court ruled in favor of MMC-280 and ordered to publish a contradiction. With the help of another lawsuit they are trying to shut our mouths,” says Siarhei Niarouny.

According to the editor, the journalists will continue to fight for the reversal of the previous verdict by Krychau district court.