Picket against Russian military base banned due to pedestrians

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The Minsk city executive committee decline the BPF party's application for holding a picket against setting up a Russian military base in Belarus.

BelaPAN news agency has learnt it from party leader Aliaksei Yanukevich.

According to him, the municipal authorities said the application didn't comply with the law on mass events. Moreover, the organisers didn't provide safety measures for picketers.

Besides, Yanukevich says, the written reply from the executive committee notes that the picket may impede pedestrians and cars.

The party wants to appeal to a court against the decision of the Minsk city executive committee.

Yanukevich says the party meeting on July 27 will discuss a possibility of filing a large number of applications for pickets on September 8 to protest against setting up a Russian military base.

The BPF party planned to organise a picket in front of the Russian Embassy in Minsk on July 27.

The application was filed to the Minsk city executive committee on July 15.

“The BPF party stands against the imperial and neocolonial policy the Kremlin tries to conduct in the post-Soviet area, first of all towards our country,” Yanukevich says. “Russia began direct actions to turn Belarus into a buffer zone that will defend Russia's interests. We think it is absolutely unacceptable to open Russian airbases in Belarus. We demand to remove from the country the existing military objects – the radar station in Hantsavichy and the communication centre in Vileika.”

Yanukevich thinks that opening Russian military bases in Belarus doesn't answer national interests and the Constitution of Belarus and poses a threat to every Belarusian.