Prison censorship does not pass letters to Mikalai Autukhovich

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Not all the letters from freedom reach Mikalai Autukhovich in the prison number 1 in Hrodna.

He said that to a journalist from Bialynichy Barys Vyrvich, who received a letter from Mikalai Autukhovich on 24 July.

The political prisoner writes that if earlier he used to receive 90-95 letters on average a month, then in June he got only 40, although he knows that certain people did send him letters.

“This happens sometimes. I know what the reason is, but I will not write about it. I hope everything will be good again henceforth ”, - Mikalaji Autukhovich says.

In Barys Vyrvich’s opinion, the problem with the delivery of letters to political prisoners may be in some way linked to the solidarity action “Political prisoner’s week”.

“I am in regular correspondence with some Belarusian political prisoners, that is why I know that letters often simply do not reach them, - Barys Vyrvich says. – Usually such cases happen, when some solidarity campaigns are held, and people start sending many postcards and letters of support to prisoners. It is just since the middle of June that a solidarity campaign “Political prisoner’s week” has started.

Probably, there is another reason, which Mikalai Autukhovich mentions. I know for sure only that I sent him a letter in June, which he never received”.

We would remind that Mikalai Autukhovich was convicted on 6 May 2010. He was sentenced by the Supreme Court of the republic of Belarus to 5 years and 2 months in high security prison according to the part 3 of the article 295 of the Criminal Code, despite the case’s complete falling apart in court due to the lack of evidence. The actual reason for his imprisonment is that he revealed corruption among the representatives of local authorities.