Pavel Seviarynets gets 3-day leave

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Co-head of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Pavel Seviatynets has received a leave.

The politician, who is serving his 3-year sentence in the village of Kuplin (the Brest region) for participating in the rally on December 19, 2010, has three days to visit his family in Vitesbk.

The information was received from the BCD press service.

Pavel Seviarynets can stay at home only about 36 hours, because it takes a long time to get to Vitebsk.

The political prisoner is expected to be released in three months.

Pavel Seviarynets serves his term in a special detention facility in the village of Kuplin (the Pruzhany district of the Brest region). In May 2011, he was given a 3-year sentence in the criminal case of mass disorders in Minsk on December 19, 2010.