Statkevich’s letter sent to Prosecutor’s Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Maryna Adamovich, wife of the political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich, he is facing more obstacles in his correspondence. Earlier, letters from Statkevich simply did not pass censorship, while letters sent to him “disappeared” or if the letter was sent by registered mail the political prisoner only received an empty envelope.

“The latest letter I received from him surprised me a lot. In it, Mikalai says that his previous letter was not just confiscated but sent to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office together with his testimony on the situation in Shklou penal colony which he described in the letter. I wonder what that could mean. Is it that the prison administration is afraid that the information about what has been happening in the penal facility can leave the colony? Or, visa versa, have they decided to be vigilant and to “blow the whistle” on violations? Then they could have used a copy of the letter. Therefore I tend to view the former version as more probable,” said Maryna Adamovich.

The woman does not know the contents of the letter, but says it's not hard to guess what Mikalai Statkevich could tell about.

“I remember very well what happened there just two years ago, after Lukashenka’s arrival in Shklou and his famous offer to political prisoners to ask for pardon, there was a terrible pressure on them. So I think Mikalai had a lot of things to write about. I hope that it is impossible to hide, even if a dozen more letters are confiscated,” says the political prisoner’s spouse.

The head of penal colony No. 17 Colonel Yermalitski, his deputy Yahuleuski and two staff members who are directly responsible for torturing political prisoners almost two years ago are on the EU travel ban list.