Vasil Parfiankou faces new prison term

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Vasil Parfiankou, involved in the case of the alleged riots in Minsk on 19 December 2010, was formally charged under Article 421 of the Criminal Code (failure to comply with the requirements of preventive supervision). On 12 July he was informed about it by an investigator of the Pershamaiski District Police Department of Minsk.

Bear in mind that in late judge Mr. Parfiankou was summonsed to the Pershamaiski DPD and told that a criminal case was brought against him due to violations of the requirements of the preventive supervision. In his talk with the investigator the former political prisoner noted that under the law such a case could be brought only after three violations whereas he had only two. The investigator said that "two violations – this is a system, and the inspector saw this as a reason for legal action".

The essence of the violations is that once Vasil went out to a shop when he was to be at home and, and the other time he came home a bit late, whereas the police came to check his location.

At present Vasil Parfiankou is banned from leaving Minsk. According to him, on 15 July he must come to the police office for studying the case before it will be passed to court. The trial may start in a month.

Mr. Parfiankou faces arrest for six months, or imprisonment for up to one year. "I pleaded innocent, that's why I think that the sentence will be tough. But I'm ready for it, I'm not afraid. I can make another trip to prison, will it be necessary," he said.