Brest: family gets evicted before the final court verdict

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The attempts of the Haduns to prove the groundlessness of the Brest City Executive Committee about the poor state of house in Heroyau abarony Brestskai Krepastsi, 18, brought no results.

The court proceedings concerning the building, located near the central city park of Brest, has lasted for several years already. Uladzimir Hardun didn't manage to convince the court that the wooden house where his family lives is not in the state of emergency and the local authorities are just trying to get a plot of land in a very attractive location, which can be offered to investors for good money.

Though Uladzimir Hadun is still appealing the court verdicts handed down in favor of the executive committee, representatives of the housing service showed impatience: on 12 July they called the police and bailiffs in order to speed up the forced eviction of the family to an apartment in a distant suburb of Brest (given to them by the authorities instead of the house). The only thing the owner managed to get after the negotiations at the executive committee was the postponement of the eviction for one week.

As stated by Uladzimir Hadun, apart from appeals to courts, he wrote letters to the Office of Prosecutor General, arguing that the ruling that declared his house as unsuitable for living was groundless. In particular, Mr. Hadun states that his house has quite good conditions, as it is supplied with hot and cold water, gas, heating and sanitation. Also, the house is located next to the city park and children's and medical institutions – all that is missing in the Paudniovy suburb, to which the authorities are trying to relocate the family.