Slonim authorities continue destroying the green zone

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Slonim residents and local members of the association of democratic forces have been struggling against deforestation in the Albiartsin suburb in Voikau Street. The local authorities want to cut down the trees so that rich people and state officials could build cottages there. Earlier the cutdown was stopped. However, on 11 July it resumed and ten pine trees were cut.

The head of the Slonim association of democratic forces Ivan Sheha applied to the Slonim District Executive Committee, the Slonim Prosecutor's Office and the Hrodna committee of natural resources and environmental protection with the request to find out why deforestation had begun again in the green zone of Slonim district, although no one has canceled Art.118 of the Land Code of the Republic of Belarus land, according to which green zones are under a special protection, and the construction of buildings is not allowed there.