Bykhau policemen to be deprived of wage bonuses

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The reason for this is their lack of professionalism. In a letter received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs by a villager of the village Dabuzha (Bykhau district, Mahiliou region) Aliaksandr Shachanok, it is stated that the facts drawn by the villager in his letter to the ministry, were confirmed and the police department of the Mahiliou Regional Executive Commitee was ordered to conduct a repeated check-up and draw the guilty to the legal account.

The complaint concerned the events of
23 May 2012, when Aliaksandr Shachanok pulled out the bucket from the well near his house, and found there a package. He immediately phoned the police, who found there a piece of spoiled meat. Mr. Shachanok wrote an application concerning these hooligan action, and also answered their questions.

The villager said he suspected his neighbor
in throwing the meat in the well, as earlier he had seen him feeding his dogs with similar meat. The police listened to hillbilly and took the piece of meat from the well for the examination.

A few days later Aliaksandr Shachanok's wife walked in the woods and found the bag with the meat, thrown away by the policemen. Thus, the police showed lack of professionalism by disposing of the material evidence instead of bringing it to the examination.

After this, the water in the well is contaminated. The local sanitation services prohibited to use it. Though more than a year has passed since then, the well is still closed.

Earlier, Aliaksandr Shachanok managed to win the dismissal of the police officer Vital Vashchylau. The dishonest policeman fabricated the administrative case against the farmer, forged the reports and Shachenka's signature. However, the court fell apart in court. The dismissal was the result of numerous complaints to various state instances, as well as the attention of independent media to this case.