Slonim District Prosecutor upholds regular bans on mass events

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Ivan Bedka

Ivan Bedka

A few weeks ago the head of the Slonim organization of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, Ivan Bedka, complained to the prosecutor of the Slonim district about the ban on a picket in support of physician Ivan Sheha. "For ten years, the Slonim District Executive Committee hasn't authorized any mass events of democratic forces in Slonim. Thereby officials routinely violate my constitutional right to peaceful assemblies," wrote Mr. Bedka.

Several days ago Ivan Bedka received a reply signed by the prosecutor of the Slonim district, a senior adviser to Justice Anatoly Yavlash. In response, the prosecutor said that the district prosecutor's office found no violations of the Law of the Republic of Belarus" On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus" in the decision of the executive committee not to authorize the picket.