Warning to activist of "Tell The Truth" left in force

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Action 193

Action 193

Aliaksandr Kuzmin, activist of the civic campaign "Tell the Truth" from Belaaziorsk, received a response to his complaint from the Brest Regional Prosecutor's Office, signed by the deputy prosecutor, senior adviser of justice Aliaksandr Tochka.

The response indicated that the Biaroza District Police Department did not find any corpus delicti in the actions of Aliaksandr Kuzmin and refused to bring a criminal case against him. However, it is also stated there that the warning issued to the activist by the Biaroza District Prosecutor's Office for acting on behalf of an unregistered organization, was left in force.

The warning was issued after an appeal of the head of the Belaaziorsk City Executive Committee Viachaslau Dambrouski to the Biaroza DPD. The official asked to draw Mr. Kuzmin to criminal account for activities on behalf of the unregistered organization.