Young doctor Dzmitry Luchyts fired

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Dzmitry Luchyts

Dzmitry Luchyts

Dzmitry Luchyts, a young doctor of Brest Regional Hospital, member of the independent trade union of Radio and Electronic Industry, was fired on July 5 due to the expiry of his contract, despite his statement of July 4 demanding early termination of the contract because of violations of labor legislation by the employer. However, the intern received no consent to the termination of contract, he was told instead that after a check-up of the reported facts the dismissal entry in his workbook would be changed, and he would receive a three-month payment.

According to human rights defender Uladzimir Malei, before leaving on vacation Dzmitry Luchyts addressed the labor safety inspection of Health Care Ministry to report a violation of the conditions of work by the administration, which he and his colleagues had complained of many times, but no action was taken.

If violations of the collective agreement, working conditions and labor legislation will be confirmed and the hospital will not change the wording of dismissal, the case will go to court.