Frantskevich to be placed under police supervision after his release

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Political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich will be placed under police supervision after his release from jail.

The Navapolatsk activist, 23, is expected to be freed in early September.

Radio Racyja has learnt it from Tatsiana Frantskevich, the mother of the political prisoner.

“I thought everything would end after the release. But it turns out that he will be under police supervision for one or six months. There's no work in Navapolatsk, where he is registered. Everyone will fear to employ him with a criminal record. It is easier in Minsk, because he can return to his previous job,” Tatsiana Frantskevich said.

In May 2011, Aliaksandr Frantskevich was sentenced to three years in prison in the “anarchist” case. He was accused of carrying out attacks on government buildings and hacking the website of the Navapolatsk city executive committee. He pleaded not guilty. Human rights activists recognised Frantskevich as political prisoner and demand to release him immediately.