Third criminal case started against Vasil Parfiankou

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Prison threatens to the former political prisoner again.

At Minsk’s Piershamajski police department Vasil Parfiankou was informed that another criminal case had been started against him according to the article 421 for violating the requirements of preventive surveillance, Radio Svaboda reports.

“We did not speak with the investigator for long since there was no counsel. I said that I would not testify without a counsel. He warned me that a case had been started. The investigator said I could be free for now. He also said that he probably would summon me the following week and question my parents”, - Vasil Parfiankou said.

The information that another criminal case had been started against him surprised the youth activist.

“Currently I only have two violations, and usually three are need for a criminal case to be started. The investigator says that two violations are already a system. And apparently the inspector saw a reason for starting a case in that”, - Vasil Parfiankou stated.

The opposition activist told about his violations: one time he went out to a grocery store, second time he arrived home a bit late. These were the moments when policemen came.

We would remind that Vasil Parfiankou was sentenced to four years in high security prison for participating in a protest manifestation against the rigged 2010 presidential elections. He was released on 13 August 2011 in accordance with a decree by Lukashenka. In four months, on 19 December 2011, Vasil Parfiankou was detained in October Square where representatives of opposition tried to hold an action on the anniversary of the presidential elections.

On 29 May court found the former political prisoner guilty of violating the conditions of preventive surveillance and sentenced him to six months arrest. He served the punishment time in a pre-trial jail in Baranavichy. Vasil Parfiankou was released on 9 February.

The term of the preventive surveillance, which was established after Vasil Parfiankou after his realease on 13 August 2011, ends on 30 June.