Brest: Most deputies ignore appeals of their voters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Such a conclusion was made by local civil society activists, who tried to urge the members of the City Council of Brest to contribute to the rapid implementation of the agreement on the local border traffic between Poland and Belarus.

As one of the initiators of the petition, Uladzimir Vuyek, said, all the deputies had received personal letters from the residents of Brest. These letters contained a request to put the issue of the application of the small border traffic with the neighboring country to the agenda of the City Council in order to develop a consolidated position on the protection of the interests of citizens, as well as to forward the request to the leadership of Belarus.

However, the majority of responses from Brest deputies were similar in content: their letters stated that the consideration of this petition did not fall within the competence of local councils of deputies. Uladzimir Vuyek is surprised at this reaction, “We did not ask to solve the issue at the level of the City Council, but to assist in appealing to the House of Representatives or the government, since the topic is relevant to many of our residents.”

Only two City Council members (Mikhail Kozich and Ihar Tsimokhin) provided meaningful and detailed responses to the appeals of their voters. Yet, there are no hopes that the Brest City Council will consider the matter at its session.