State TV reveals name of latest death convict

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Aliaksandr Hrunou

Aliaksandr Hrunou

The state-owned TV channel “Belarus-1” showed a story, telling the circumstances of the murder of a student in Homel.

It was committed by a 25-year-old Aliaksandr Hrunou. It is known that he had been previously sentenced to 8 years for inflicting grievous bodily harm to the roommate of his mother. The man later died of severe wounds.

One year after his release, he murdered Natallia Emialianchykava at midnight on September 20. Aliaksandr Hrunou was acquainted with the victim. At the trial, he explained that for some time before the meeting she had insulted him in the company of familiar people and did not apologize. This was the cause of his aggression. In the end, he stabbed the victim 102 times.

The convict’s mother said her son should have been given 25 years. “He has seen no good in his life, and now they are asking for his death. His father was murdered when he was a child and they did not find the killers. Yes, he murdered my roommate, but he was a scourge, a tramp, he collected bottles, he defended his girlfriend, it was his girl who had a conflict with my roommate,” said she.

According to the results of a psychiatric examination, the man was considered sane, he was not in a state of temporary insanity at the time of the murder. No dependence on alcohol and drugs was found. However, according to his friends, Aliaksandr lost control after using even a small amount of alcohol. On the night of the crime, he was in a state of intoxication. In addition, he suffers from a mixed personality disorder.

In court, the defendant fully admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness from the mother of the victim.

The representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee in Homel region, Viktar Adzinochanka, who was present at the trial against the death penalty said, “We are fundamentally opposed to the death penalty in all cases, whatever the crimes are. In my opinion, this is a man who behaves inadequately. He does not even protect himself. He was given the opportunity to say his last word. And he was silent.”

A decision of Homel Regional Court sentenced Aliaksandr Hrunou to death. The defendant appealed the verdict to the Supreme Court.