Espionage case: trial of Andrei Haidukou postponed

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As stated by Andrei's mother Volha Haidukova, his counsels told her that the trial would continue on Monday.

They also said that the guy kept calmly, but was still not quite health and couldn't speak because of the cough, informs Radio "Liberty".

Next monday, the court will hear the witnesses. Volha Haidukova hasn't received a writ as a witness. Now she says she will go to Vitsebsk even if the judges will be reluctant to her her testimony.

The mother commented on the information that the court verdict will be announced publicly at an open court session:

"It won't make any difference. If the people aren't given an opportunity to hear everything from the very beginning and are only read the verdict, nobody will find about the essence of the charges against Andrei, for what he is considered to be a spy. How can be believe to the things we will hear? What for did they need to make such a secret out of this trial?"

23-year-old Andrei Haidukou, who worked as an operator at the Navapolatsk oil processing plant "Naftan",
was arrested on 8 November in Minsk. According to the official information of the KGB it was allegedly done "while he was making a cache with information which could may be relevant to foreign intelligence services". Since then, he was kept in custody: mostly in the KGB remand prison in Minsk with the exception of one month for which he was transferred to the Vitsebsk remand prison, and the last days, when he was again transferred to Vitsebsk for the trial.

Article 356 of the Criminal Code, "treason to the state in the form of intelligence work", envisages 7-15 years of imprisonment.

Andrei Haidukou is the leader of the unregistered public association "Union of Young Intellectual" and an activist of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".