Babruisk: discrimination of members of Free Trade Union continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The pressurizatin of members of the Free Trade Union of Belarus continues at At the Babruisk plant of tractor parts and units. The conflict between the adminsitratioon and the trade union has a long history and the head of the trade union organization even had to go to court to get the right to be let to the territory of the plant.

Recently, the factory management has chosen the tactics of monetary underpayments to FTUB members.

"The FTUB members weren't issued with wasge bonuses, explaining it with the fact that according to the collective agreement, sigbed by the plant management and the official trade union in March, hfinancial bonuses do not apply to the free trade union," says the FTUB member Aksana Kernazhytskaya. "But what about the people who do not belong to any of the unions? We learned that they paid the wage bonuses. Then it turns out that the problem is that we are members of the free trade union.

Aksana Karnazhytskaya says she discussed the problem of the deprival of the wage bonuses with the head of the workshop, Mikhail Vayanets, saying the bonuses were earned by all workers, to which he responded that she would be paid the money if she move to the official trade union.

"Few of us are left at the FTUB, you know, but it's not a question of money, it is a matter of conscience," says another FTUB member, Iryna Korshunava. "They tried to dismiss me, and now there are problems with wage bonuses. However, the plant management does not understand that by depriving us of the bonuses they punish not us, but our children. They are trying to intimidate us. I have only one question in this regard: why does the plant manager feel such impunity that even court verdicts mean nothing to him?"

"Recently, we have noticed that money for "Red Cross" were exacted from the wages of all workers, and were very indignant about it, not because there was a lot of money (just 10,000 rubles), but because we were not even asked if we wanted it", adds Aksana Kernazhytskaya. "For instance, we, as members of the free trade union, were deprived of the opportunity to use the library, sports complex, were deprived of wage bonuses, but the money for the "Red Cross" are exacted from us like from all other workers. We raised this issue, other workers joined in, and we were promised to be returned the money in the next month.

The leader of the FTUB unit at the plant Mikhail Kavalkou says that members of the free trade union face increasing discimination at the plant.

"At first the plant management and the official trade union sign a discriminative agreement, then apply further financial pressure. Is it right to pay the bonuses earned by all workers only to members of the official trade union? The deputy head of the plant on ideology Uladzimir Yeliseyenka refuses to give comments to journalists, disclaims any responsibility. However, many things depend on him, and everyone knows it well enough," sums up Mikhail Kavalkou.