Vitsebsk: second day of trial of "spy" Haidukou

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According to the information from the Vitsebsk Regional Court, where the hearings on the criminal case against Andrei Haidukou are taking place, the defendant is kept in a cage. "It can be a gross violation of his right to defense, as keeping him in a cage can hinder him to contact with his counsel during the trial", stated the Vitsebsk human rights defender Pavel Levinau.

On 13 June Pavel Levinau and the activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Tatsiana Seviarynets had a talk with the head of the Vitsebsk Regional Court Mikalai Khamichonak. They told RFE/RL about seeing some witnesses being summonsed to the trial over Andrei Haidukou. "These were people in police uniform", said Pavel Levinau.