Journalist of "European Radio for Belarus" denied accreditation to press-conference at House of Representatives

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The journalist of the European Radio for Belarus Zmitser Lukashuk has been denied accreditation for today’s conference in the lower chamber of Parliament.

The journalist was denied accreditation because he does not have a yearly accreditation from Parliament, said the communication director of the House of Representatives Mikalai Lis.

The press-conference was dedicated to considering the draft law on confiscation of cars for drunk driving. The journalist applied for accreditation last week. “The press-service of the House of Representatives refused point blank to receive our application by fax, and directed us to agree upon the matter with the director, Mr Lis. At first he also pointed at the fact that we didn’t have the yearly accreditation and explained that the president’s security service might not let us in. But finally he allowed that the press-service received our application. And today he informed that the journalists were not allowed to attend the event,” says Zmitser Lukashuk.

The Euroradio tried to get accredited at the House of Representatives for the last two years, but unsuccessfully. The problem is that the Euroradio gets accreditation each year at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the accreditation expires on 30 November. Meanwhile, accreditation at the House of Representatives must be applied for at least two months before the end of the year.

“We are denied accreditation at the House of Representatives on the grounds that the correspondent point’s accreditation is about to expire, and nobody knows if it will be extended. And when the MFA extends the accreditation, we phone to the Parliament, but they say – it’s too late, you should have applied earlier. This was the case last year, and the year before,” say in the Minsk correspondent point.

The European Radio for Belarus was started in 2005 and started to broadcast in 2006. The correspondent point has worked in Belarus since 2009.