Mahiliou activists of Belarusian Social Democratic Party collected 500 signatures for Law "On Public Hearings"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

All signatures were sent to the Mahiliou district, city and regional councils of deputies, as well as to members of the parliament from Mahiliou: Edvard Siankevich, Uladzimir Vasilenka, Ihar Stankevich and Ales Razganau.

The activists of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) count on the fact that the deputies will thoroughly study the proposals of the party, which were supported by Mahiliou residents.

A member of the Presidium off the BSDP Ihar Barysau commented on the initiative of the Law "On Public Hearings"

"Any initiative does not arise out of the blue – it is the result of the analysis of the situation and the need for change. As you know, Mahiliou has a number of so-called "hot spots" where the interests of the officials clash with the interests of the common people, resulting in a confrontation, which manifests itself in the form of spontaneous rallies, collection of signatures, writing complaints to various authorities, etc.," stated the activist.

Ihar Barysau said that the problem spots in Chapayeuka, and "Yubileiny" in Mahiliou, as well as in the village of Niadashava-2 in the Mahiliou district haven't disappeared yet.

"We suggest that any action of authorities concerning the demolition and compaction of old districts and neighborhoods seal be issued for mandatory public discussion. There is no general law that would regulate the conduct of public hearings in all spheres of life, geographically ranging from a small village or street and ending with a city," said the activist.

According to Ihar Barysau, at present public hearings are mentioned in the Water Code and the Land Code, environmental legislation and legislation on urban development, but there is still no common terminology and unified approach in the conduct of such hearings.

"The law" On Public Hearings" has fundamental differences from the existing law "On Local Self-Government". There is no need to create any structures and to elect their representatives. It is enough to simply gather the people and ask about their opinion, hear the different positions and accept a compromise solution for all. This law can put an end to confrontations of the population with the local authorities," said the social-democrat.

It should be noted that the Hramada activists did not develop a complete Law "On Public Hearings", but only their vision of it in the form of theses, which they presented to the attention of the members of the Parliament.