Slonim: harassment of Ivan Sheha

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Ivan Sheha

Ivan Sheha

The administration of the Slonim district hospital, namely – the chief physician Yury Piatselski, started to exert pressure on the trauma surgeon Ivan Sheha. The hospital administration controls him from all sides and is looking forward to the end of his labor contract (27 June) to expel him from the hospital as soon as possible. Earlier, Ivan Sheha was proposed to be employed in the neighboring district, but recently has received a notice that his services as a doctor are not needed.

Bear in mind that Ivan Sheha worked in the Slonim district hospital for 30 years. He is an experienced specialist of the highest category, well-known in the Slonim and the neighboring districts. He is still full of strength and energy to continue his work, even though he turned 60 years old on 25 March. At first, the chief doctor of the Slonim hospital Yury Piatselski extended his labor contract for one year, but then suddenly canceled it, despite of the lack of medics of almost all specialties in Slonim.

Slonim activists are actively collecting signatures of residents in favor of Mr. Sheha. They have collected more than 1,000 signatures and intend to hold several thousand signatures under the petition to allow the medic continue his work at the Slonim hospital.

The petitions with signatures are being sent to the Slonim District Executive Committee, the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee, the Ministry of Health Care and the the administration of the President of Belarus.