Rahachou: KGB doesn't return Dzianis Dashkevich his pneumatic gun

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Dzianis Dashkevich

Dzianis Dashkevich

Social activist, coordinator of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party in Rahachou Dzianis Dashkevich still hasn't been returned his pneumatic gun, confiscated by the KGB almost 2.5 years ago, during the last presidential campaign.

Dashkevich worked in the electoral team of the presidential candidate for the 2010 elections Vital Rymasheuski. After the dispersal of the post-election protests presidential candidates, the apartment of Dzianis Dashkevich was raided by the local KGB, who seized campaign materials, computers, and sportive pneumatic pistol "Baikal". In May 2011 all equipment was returned to the activist, but the campaign leaflets and the gun are still kept by the KGB.

"I find it hard to understand what Rahachou KGB can be looking for in our materials, as almost three years have passed since the election," says the activist. What concerns, the pistol, I think everything is quite simple: the KGB officers just like shooting into cans."