Lukashenka makes personnel changes in the judiciary

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As stated by the press service of the President, Aliaksandr Pautau and Uladzimir Putsila were appointed judges of the Supreme Court with the subsequent approval of these appointments by the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly. They were freedom from the earlier postitions of the deputy head of the deputy head and a judge of the Belarusian Military Court and the head of the head and a judge of the Minsk City Court respectively.

Anatol Famenka was appointed the head of the Vitsebsk Interpost Military Court.

Vasil Padolski was appointed a judge of the Babruisk I Military Court for five years.

In addition, the decree appointed and relieved from office judges of various courts in the regions of Belarus, altered the composition of the Bureau of the Mahiliou Regional Court and the Belarusian Military Courts.