Vitsebsk Regional Court upholds dismissal of activist of Free Trade Union of Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The judge turned down the appeal against the dismissal of the head of a unit of the independent trade union Viktar Stukau. He tried to appeal the ruling of the Polatsk City Court, which confirmed that his dismissal from the company "Polatsk-Glass" was done correctly.

At the hearing of 3 June the panel of judges decided that the Polatsk City Court issued a fair verdict on the case.

At the regional court Viktar Stukau argued that Polatsk Judge Iryna Darotka had not considered any argument in its favor. She ignored the fact that the trade union did not consent to his dismissal, as well as the results of the examination of the health care facilities which were recognized as harmful to workers. The regional court did not accept this argument either.

"I was fired for a violation of the regime of labor and security instructions. In particular, once they noticed the absence of glasses which I needed to wear while working. Nobody wants to wear these glasses, as they are uncomfortable and do more harm than help. This was also confirmed by an expert examination, which confirmed that they did no good, but on the contrary, could bring harm. Polatsk City Court decided that if somebody is order to wear them – refusal is a violation. This stance was supported by the regional court. Accordingly, both courts "legalized" the decision of the administration of "Shklovalakno" ("Fiberglass") which requires that workers use unsuitable health care facilities," commented Viktar Stukau.

The activist is convinced that his dismissal from the company due to the strengthening of confidence the free trade union at "Polatsk-Shklovalakno" and other Polatsk enterprises. "I think that my right to work and freedom of association,
as far as I am the head of the FTUB unit. That's why my dismissal is primarily an attempt to intimidate my associates."

The trade union activist plans to app
ly to the Supreme Court. Viktar Stukau decided to continue his activities in the FTUB even if he fails to get reinstated at work through court. In this case, he will act as a "redundant" head of the trade union organization at "Polatsk-Shklovalakno".