Official trade-union conceals real wages at "Bellehpram" concern

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The meeting of workers of the "Brest Carpets" with Uladzimir Siamashka. Photo by

The meeting of workers of the "Brest Carpets" with Uladzimir Siamashka. Photo by

Last week, a sitting of the departmental Council on labor and social issues took place. It was attended by the head of the National Committee of the trade union of light industry Mikhail Kastsian, the head of the concern Mikhail Suchkou, the first deputy head of the concern Siarhei Misurahin, etc.

According to the voiced information, in December 2012 the average wage at the enterprise was a little more than 3.8 million rubles ($452.6), which is lover than the desirable average, set by the Council of Ministers - $500.

As it is stated at the website of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, the enterprise administration took measures to increase the wage in the branch.

However, as witnessed by the vacancies market, this task implemented neither at the end of 2012, nor half a year after it. In particular, engineers are invited to work at the "Kamvol" enterprise in Minsk for 3.1 million rubles, economists – for 2.8 million rubles, plumbers – 2.5 million and salesmen – for 2 million.

A similar situation can be observed at the "Sukno" ("Broadcloth") enterprise: plumbers – 3 million rubles, economists – 3.7 million, engineers-programmers – 3.9 million rubles, heads of workshops – 3.5 million rubles.

The situation is still worse in the regions. According to the proposal of an investment project at Orsha flax combine, the average nominal wage in this branch of industry is 2.5 million rubles and an average wage at the Dobrush porcelain factory is 1.6 million rubles.

In particular, in February weavers received only about 3.6 million rubles and workers of the decorative workshop – just 2.6 million rubles.

The critical situation with wages at the "Brest Carpets" enterprise demanded interference of the head of the Presidential Administration, Uladzimir Siamashka – the wages were raised after his visit. At the same time, the official trade union confines itself to expressing hopes that there will be some changes to the better, refraining from any actions in support of its members.