Vitsebsk regional BCD assembly disrupted by authorities

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The regional assembly of the Belarusian Christian Democracy was disrupted as a number of regional activists were unable to take part in it, being summonsed to work at the weekend.

"The regime staged a provocation, as the people were urgently summonsed to work in a number of district organizations, though today is a day-off. Evidently, the aim is to prevent them from taking part in the regional assembly of the Vitsebsk city organization. That's how obstacles are staged. Doubtlessly, the authorities have no intention to give a legal status to the regional associations. Nevertheless, we hold such assemblies, as far as the BCD activities are entirely legal and such assemblies witness that legal grounds are not the real reason why the authorities refuse to register the party," commented the co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski.

According to him, BCD members from Navapolatsk and Lepel were urgently summonsed to work without any preliminary notification. Regional KGB officers also pressurize BCD activists, threatening them with "trouble" for taking part in such assemblies.

Mr. Rymasheuski also stressed that the BCD would continue the attempts to legalize its activities despite of the numerous registration denials issued by the Ministry of Justice.