Mikalai Statkevich preparing "Freedom's Way"

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While serving his prison term, Mikalai Statkevich uses the assistance of his wife, Maryna Adamovich, in compiling a new book, "Freedom's Way", a collection of his essays and articles for the last decade.

According to Mrs. Adamovich, Mikalai gives pieces of advice concerning the composition of the book:

"We decided, that it is worth issuing a book of selected articles, the more that, as the experience shows, many of them remain topical even through years. Mikola approved this idea. At present we are working at it, as far as some of these articles were written in the beginning of the 1990-ies and even at the end of 1980-ies under a nickname and it is impossible to find their electronic versions," said Maryna Adamovich.

Mikalai Statkevich wants to include in the book an article dated 2007, "Cruel Coquette and Simpleton", about the relations of the EU and Belarus. The article was written during the so-called "liberalization" and the politician thinks that the article is also relevant to the present situation.

According to Maryna Adamovich, they intend to publish the book this year. At present she is looking for Statkevich's books in the libraries and old newspapers with the assistance of his friends.