Is using e-mail safe in Belarus?

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According to Zisser, it is not the matter of proving special services with full access to users’ e-mails, but only giving away certain correspondence with compliance to a certain procedure.

Such a possibility exists even despite e-mails being services by the internet-giant Google and are physically located abroad. It was hardly news to Belarusian users, however, many keep using the unsafe in Belarusian conditions e-nail service, ricking to fall a victim to special services’ lawlessness.

Not everyone knows that Google has its own e-mail service, which reliably protects against unauthorized access, - The access to accounts goes via encrypted protocol and double authentication. In other words, instead of one password you need to insert a password and a confirmation code, which you receive on your mobile phone when attempting to enter your account from an unfamiliar device. Such protection complicates the life of hackers with shoulder straps, even if malefactors know your password.