Ales Bialiatski has no hope for early release

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The imprisoned leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski has no hope for an early release, spending all his free time in prison on creative work, Radio Racyja reports.

According to Ales Bialiatski’s associate, Tatsiana Reviaka, Viasna’s leader told her the latest news in a letter she received from Babruisk penal colony No. 2.

The letter was written on May 6, after Easter. It was expected that political prisoners might be released ahead of Easter Day.

Tatsiana Reviaka:

“He wrote that, in general, he did not expect this because there have been no specific signs yet, that in the near future there are expected any major changes in his life, I think, as in the fate of other political prisoners. Therefore, he expects rather long stay in prison, and he has been very productive, he is now preparing to publish three books.”

According to Tatsiana Reviaka, the first book is devoted to the history of the human rights movement. It is entirely written in prison, and may be issued later this year.

The second book will consist of Bialiatski’s publications in the press, interviews and memories, which have appeared during the time of his human rights activities, over more than 15 years.

The concept of the third edition is yet being developed - it will be guidelines for civil society activists and human rights defenders on the organization of campaigns of support to political prisoners.