Mikalai Autukhovich cannot eat well

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According to the head of the public association "Legal Assistance to Population" Aleh Volhak, the political prisoner cannot eat properly due to problems with his teeth.

Miakalai Autukhovich, a Vaukavusk businessman and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, serves a prison term of 5 years and 2 months in the Hrodna prison for alleged unlawful keeping of several cartridges from a hunting gun. According to Aleh Volchak, Autukhovich keeps with dignity despite of the prison isolation and health problems.

"He still has problems with his teeth – the bridges which were installed long ago get displaced, this is a great problem for him. Taking into account that just a one year and two months are left till the end of the sentence and the charges are not very hard, he could be released on parole due to the state of his health. Why cannot Autukhovich receive proper teeth repair? The convoy brings prisoners only to courts and other penitentiaries, but nobody will take him to the city.

The law contains no provisions as to how such cases should be treated, emphasizes Mr. Volchak. On the other hand, the absence of the needed medical assistance is a gross violation of the law.

According to the human rights defender, there is little hope for the early release of Mr. Autukhovich who has been declared a malignant violator of the prison regime. However, there is possibility that a political decision to release of him can be taken.