Independent journalists refuse to come to Bialynichy DPD

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two independent journalists from Mahiliou, Yauhen Hlushkou and Alina Skrabunova, received notices that they needed to come to the Bialynichy District Police Department to police inspector Aliaksandr Yemialyanau at 10 a.m. on 13 May.

They received the notices by registered mail on 9 May. After consulting human rights defender Barys Bukhel they decided to refuse from going there as the documents weren't composed properly.

Hlushkou and Skrabunova sent a letter to the chairman of the Bialynichy DPD to inform him about their decision.

"We are law-obedient citizens and are ready to come to the police on the first demand in conformity with the legislation", says independent journalist Alina Skrabunova. "However, the notices we got from the Bialynichy DPD weren't composed in line with the legal requirements. In particular, it is not indicated in which status we were summonsed to inspector Yemialyanau and the official seal is absent on them. It is just written there that we were summonsed for "giving explanations". That's why on 9 May we sent a letter to the head of the Bialynichy DPD stating our readiness to come to the police after being summonsed in conformity with the law. In general, I was quite surprised that police inspector Aliaksandr Yemialyanau was unaware of elementary legal norms. Maybe, the chairman of the Bialynichy DPD will be able to teach him how to compose process documents in conformity with the Belarusian legislation."